Home Made Pop-Tarts

RORY: I was almost tempted to see if she [the cook] could make a Pop-Tart.

If Rosa can make strudel and blintzes, she can definitely make her own Pop-Tarts. They are not that difficult to make, and there are recipes all over the internet. They’re basically just pastry squares filled with jam and covering in icing.

3 thoughts on “Home Made Pop-Tarts

  1. When you illuminated what blintzes are it struck me that they seem quite similar to an upmarket pop-tart, as is strudel. They’re both chocolate or fruit filled pastry, anyway.

    This seems as good a place as any to say thank you for doing all these, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading them as I’ve gone through a rewatch. Shame you only got to 204, but I can understand why with all the effort involved.

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  2. Thank you so much. I do apologise for my abandonment of the blog, but my life fell apart very unexpectedly in several ways, and I’m only just now beginning to rebuild it.

    I like the idea that Emily is just eating an upmarket version of her daughter and granddaughter’s junk breakfast!


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