It is ten years now since the original series of Gilmore Girls finished, and it seems like a good time to revisit it.

Entries are especially chosen and written for people outside the United States who need help with American vocabulary and culture, and those who are too young to remember some of the popular culture references in Gilmore Girls.

In general I’ve tried to write about people and pop culture as they were at the time the show was written, and attempted to supply contemporary photographs of them when possible.

I haven’t done technical annotations, such as actor bios, cinematography, costume choices, or non-plot continuity errors. I haven’t covered music written for television – only songs and pieces which existed before Gilmore Girls.

The annotations are based on reading transcripts of the show, and rewatching it on Netflix. I don’t have the DVD collection.

If you have any insights to add, please feel free to leave them here, or in the comments section – this includes errors I might have made. I’m especially interested in facts gained from the DVD commentary, or things seen in the background that I might easily have missed.

There are spoilers of all kinds in the blog – not just for Gilmore Girls, but for many of the books and films as well.



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