“I love you”

DAVE: I’m sort of an audio geek, sorry.

LANE: No, don’t apologize, I love you . . . for that, for being that way. I love it.

Lane tells Dave she loves him within a few minutes of meeting (not like Rory, who took months of dating before she could say it to her boyfriend). Rory and Lorelai can see at once that Lane and Dave are a perfect match, meaning that Lane is about to get her own romantic subplot.


Taylor unveils a diorama of his soda shop proposal to entice the town meeting into agreeing that Stars Hollow needs one.

A diorama is a replica of a scene, typically a three-dimensional full-size or miniature model, sometimes enclosed in a glass showcase for a museum. They are sometimes made by hobbyists.

This one is a miniature, but in a later season, Taylor creates a life-sized diorama.

Stalking Tom Waits

CAROL: I worship [Tom Waits]. I even mildly stalked him once … Last year, I heard he was staying at this hotel so I went there everyday and sat in the lobby, drinking massive amounts of coffee, waiting for him to walk by.

I can barely speculate which hotel Tom Waits could have been staying in the previous year. The only concert he had in 2001 was one in his home town of San Francisco, and he took a trip to Copenhagen in Denmark early in the year. He attended the ASCAP Awards at the Beverly Hilton in May, which might be what Carol is referring to (if so, she was in Los Angeles at the time for some reason – where the Palladinos live, probably not coincidentally).

Like Lorelai, Carol worships Tom Waits and drinks huge amounts of coffee. Her mild stalking of Waits at a hotel is replicated later by Lorelai, who stalks Bono at his hotel in exactly the same way.

Paris Freaks Out

PARIS: What the hell did Romaine mean when he was going on about weeding out the hyper-intense in the interview process? He stopped just short of calling me by name, I’m losing it!

Paris also freaks out over the college panel, even having to run home and throw up out of anxiety. She’s especially upset that Mr Romaine mentioned weeding out “the hyper-intense” during college interviews. In a future episode, Paris will indeed miss out on a place in her first choice of college because of her hyper-intense interview.

Note that Rory has a cell phone for the first time in this scene – previously, she always used a pager. Don’t get attached to the cell phone, she will revert to using a pager in the very next episode. It’s possible that Paris called Lorelai’s phone, and Rory was borrowing it; Lorelai has lent Rory her phone before.

“Break into a barn and put on a show”

JESS: Seemed to me like you’re still pretty together. I half expected you to break into a barn and put on a show.

Jess is referring to the 1950 musical film Summer Stock, directed by Charles Walters, starring Judy Garland, and previously mentioned. In the film, Judy Garland’s character, Jane, owns a farm, and one day her actress sister Abigail (played by Gloria DeHaven) breaks into her barn to rehearse with her fiancé, theatre director Joe (played by Gene Kelly), along with their theatre troupe.

Jane reluctantly allows them to go ahead, and inevitably gets sucked into the action by taking part in their show, including their big song and dance numbers. By the end, Jane has dumped her boring farmboy fiance Orville (played by Eddie Bracken), and winds up with Joe, while Abigail has, slightly implausibly, been smitten with Orville. The film was a box office success, and is iconic in popular culture, often referenced in songs and music videos.

Note that Jess likens Rory and Dean to a couple who break up to find different partners – this is essentially what ends up happening.

A Bolt from the Blue and Other Essays

Rory is holding this book when Lorelai comes home and they discuss Rory’s relationship with Dean.

A Bolt from the Blue and Other Essays is by Mary McCarthy, who Rory seems to be a fan of. It is a selection of her essays spanning her career from the late 1930s to the late 1970s, and includes her theatre reviews and political writings, so it is another of Rory’s books on journalism. It was edited by A.O. Scott, and published in 2002. Mary McCarthy, like Dorothy Parker – another of Rory’s favourites – was known for her bitingly witty and malicious reviews. Later, Rory will emulate these literary heroines with her own cruel review.

“Sherry’s pregnant”

CHRISTOPHER: Sherry’s pregnant … She just found out and she called me as soon as she found out, and that was her calling to tell me that she found out.

Christopher comes to see Lorelai who is standing on the bridge, waiting for him (another mention of bridges as significant emotional spaces). He tells her that Sherry has called him on his cell phone to tell him she has just discovered she is pregnant – I presume she used a home pregnancy testing kit, as it’s a Sunday.

Oddly enough, Lorelai says, “Women all over the world will line up to see that tiny little woman fat”. Sherry isn’t a tiny little woman, she’s only a few inches shorter than Lorelai, and Lorelai is slim as well. It makes Sherry sound like a stick-thin five foot tall waif, which she isn’t. Not to mention the bizarre thinking that equates being pregnant with being “fat”.

Apparently all the terrible problems Christopher and Sherry were having were not enough to stop them from having (unprotected?) sex. It does beg the question, did Sherry even know they were supposedly having problems and Christopher was thinking of moving out? Maybe all she did was go away on business for a month or so, and Christopher used that as an opportunity to weasel his way back in to Lorelai’s life, telling her some story about how he and Sherry were practically broken up.

As a huge slap in the face to Lorelai, Christopher is going back to Sherry because she’s having a baby. Christopher was never around while Rory was growing up, and he’s apparently never forgiven himself (zero evidence of that, but whatever). He can’t make that mistake again, so it’s back to his girlfriend that he doesn’t love, so he can be a father to their child. (This is actually a terrible basis for a relationship).

It doesn’t make any sense, because he could still be a good father to his second child without going back to Sherry (and I bet while telling her nothing of what he’s been up to with Lorelai in the interim). For that matter, he could have been a good father to Rory while not being with Lorelai all this time.

Notice that when Rory questions why her dad has a work phone call on a Sunday, he responds, “Hey, I have a lot of responsibility now”. Little did he know how true those words would turn out to be!

Lorelai and Christopher Tell Family They are Back Together

At the wedding, Lorelai lets her parents know that she and Christopher are back together – even though Christopher still hasn’t broken up with his girlfriend, Sherry! A teensy detail that nobody even bothers asking about or suggests might need a little more thought (or at least waiting for Sherry to get back from her business trip).

While Emily and Richard are quietly pleased about the news, Rory is by no means automatically thrilled about getting Daddy Dearest back in her life. In fact, she is justifiably suspicious of his motives, saying that both she and Lorelai have been waiting for this for a long time, and they cannot take another disappointment from the ever-disappointing Christopher.

Amusingly, she warns Christopher, “We take disappointment extremely hard. I mean it. Property damage is often involved”. In the next season, Rory and Lorelai will resort to property damage due to their romantic disappointments. It’s also a foreshadowing of Rory’s even more spectacular disappointment and property issues later on in the story.

Almonds for Table 5

RORY: Do you happen to know where the almonds I made for table five went?


RORY: ‘Cause they were here last night before Sookie’s dinner.

Rory spends six hours wrapping Jordan almonds in tulle as wedding favours for Sookie and Jackson, only for Lorelai to eat some of them, because Gilmore girls are fun and quirky, and do what they want. Good work teaching your daughter that stealing is cute, Lorelai. Keep at it – just a few more examples, and I’m sure the message will sink in!

Also – six hours to make forty wedding favours? How slowly does Rory work? Each one should only take a couple of minutes.

Hillary Clinton

RORY: Um, actually, I have to get home. I have to review my campaign platform …

LORELAI: Yes, our little Hillary Clinton here is running for student body vice president.

Hillary Clinton (born Hillary Rodham in 1947), former First Lady of the US from 1993-2001 as the wife of President Bill Clinton. In 2000, she was elected as the first female senator for New York, becoming the first First Lady to hold elected office and the first to serve in the Senate.

In a later season, we learn that Hillary Clinton is one of Rory’s heroines.