“Why don’t you see if Lane can come with you?”

LORELAI: Why don’t you see if Lane can come with you [to the party]? You know that way if the socialising doesn’t turn out how you planned, you got a friendly face around.
RORY: Okay, good idea. Thank you.

How Mrs Kim ever allowed Lane to go out to a co-ed teenage party in Hartford on the Sabbath when they would be getting home fairly late is a real mystery. Especially if it was in order to comfort Rory over a break up with a boyfriend that Mrs Kim thought she never should have had. I can’t imagine how Lane ever pulled this one off.

The Bell Jar

LORELAI: You’re going to a Chilton party?
RORY: Yes I am.
LORELAI: Honey, why don’t you just stay home and read The Bell Jar? Same effect.

The Bell Jar is the only novel written by American poet Sylvia Plath, and first published under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas in 1963. It is semi-autobiographical, detailing the nervous breakdown of a college student named Esther Greenwood in the 1950s, including a suicide attempt which sees her committed to a psychiatric hospital.

Plath killed herself about a month after the novel’s initial publication in the UK, and it was first published under her name in 1967. It wasn’t published in the US until 1971, and was adapted into film in 1979. Although early reviews were lukewarm, it’s now often a set text in high school and college courses.

Lorelai is suggesting that going to the party will be depressing, like reading The Bell Jar, although the book is actually rather witty, with a critical eye on 1950s society, and many moments of black comedy. Esther’s journey is ultimately one of hope and healing; a tragic counterpoint to the events which shortly followed the book’s publication.

Toaster Pizza and Beefaroni

LORELAI: I can’t wait to try the toaster pizza. It looks so gross which is usually the mark for a great junk food.
RORY: Beefaroni.

Toaster pizza is a frozen mini pizza that can be cooked in a toaster. It has a thick pastry crust, and only a little bit of sauce and cheese so it doesn’t melt inside the toaster, or is fully enclosed in pastry, like a savoury Pop-Tart. They were first made by Nabisco in 1969, but several brands make them now. (Incidentally, this shows that the Gilmore girls got their toaster fixed – it was broken when Christopher came to stay with them).

Beefaroni is a popular tinned food made by Chef Boyardee which is macaroni mixed with beef mince, tomato sauce, and (some) cheese. We later learn it is Rory’s favourite meal.

“So where’s that list?”

LORELAI: So where’s that list?
RORY: What?
LORELAI: The list, we’ve got a lot to do Missy, otherwise I’m gonna be dragging your butt outta bed at 6 again tomorrow morning. So, where do we start?

I’m not sure how they can start at all yet. Rory woke Lorelai up at 6 am, and they would have been at the diner by around 6.30 am (Lorelei got dressed, they talked, and they walked there by a slightly longer route than usual). It can’t be any later than 7 am by now, and the shops and recycling centre surely won’t be open for another hour at least.

When Rory asks Dean if he is okay after his fight with Luke, the clock shows that it is still only 6.25 am, so somehow the speedy Rory and Lorelai were able to get ready, walk to the diner, and eat breakfast all within less than half an hour.

I’m not sure when Luke had a chance to cook their breakfast while he was fighting Dean, but perhaps someone else did it, or the Gilmores just decided to leave without eating breakfast – yet another case of them storming out of a meal without eating anything. If so, it makes the visit to the diner seem pretty pointless: they could have not eaten at home.

Even if they skipped breakfast it barely seems possible they could do everything in 25 minutes, but if that’s what happened then they still have around two hours before the shops open.

“If you tell Miss Patty …”

RORY: If you tell Miss Patty, everybody in town is gonna know.
LORELAI: Honey, people have their own lives and their own problems. I hardly think you and Dean breaking up is the main thing on their minds.

What Rory is worried about Lorelai telling Miss Patty is unclear. It has already been established that Miss Patty knew about Rory and Dean breaking up without being told, from the “numerous sources” to which Lorelai vaguely attributes her knowledge. Lorelai’s reasonable response has already been proven dead wrong, so I don’t know why she is persisting with it. It looks as if this is a scripting error which made it through rewrites and editing, as it seems to belong to their much earlier conversation.

Luke’s Fight with Dean

When Dean tries to enter the diner (maybe he’s one of the mysterious 6 am crowd who get up early on Saturdays?), Luke forbids him, and they end up in a physical altercation in the street. It is obvious that Luke has never liked Dean – if you look back at all their earlier interactions, Luke always had an air of underlying hostility just waiting to bubble over. He is protective of Rory, and genuinely doesn’t believe Dean is good enough for her.

The fight between them proves that Lorelai was right when she warned Dean from the beginning that he would not be safe in Stars Hollow if he ever hurt Rory, as the whole town loves her.

Getting Over Max

RORY: I am fine.
LORELAI: But if you could see the look on your face.
RORY: It’s the same look you had on your face when you broke up with Max. Did wallowing help you get over him?
LORELAI: I’m not saying wallowing will help you get over Dean. It’s part of the process. It’s the mourning period. It’s a step, an important step. The only thing that will get you over somebody is time.
RORY: How much time did it take you to get over Max?

It was just yesterday afternoon from their perspective that Lorelai told Rory that she still missed Max, so Rory should already know that she isn’t over him. Maybe she is being disingenuous, although it’s strange that Lorelai doesn’t recall their conversation either.