Lorelai Tells Everyone About Max

After watching Rory and Lane make up their fight with hugs, Lorelai lets Max know that she is going to tell everyone they are back together. It’s pretty stupid as they haven’t even been on a date yet, but it’s happening anyway.

Lorelai begins with A in her address book, and calls Richie Andrews. Richie might be Lorelai’s second cousin on her mother’s side, which would be rather interesting. Frustratingly, he might also be the man who regrouted the bathroom, and if so, must have done a pretty amazing job to be in her personal address book.

Why you would even feel the need to tell the man who regrouted your bathroom about your love life I don’t know, nor do I understand how you might mix him up with your second cousin.

“Tomorrow night”

LORELAI: All right, we’ll see you tomorrow night.
EMILY: Seven o’clock.

After Lorelai and Rory thank Emily for taking good care of her granddaughter, they inexplicably agree to meet the following night at 7 pm for Friday Night Dinner.

Rory ran away to her grandparents’ house on Thursday evening, and stayed all night there. The following afternoon Lorelai arrived to pick Rory up after school, which was surely Friday (and it would have made more sense for Lorelai to arrive for Friday Night Dinner as usual, knowing Rory would already be there).

But no, it is somehow Thursday again, and they have to wait another day for Friday. Time runs strangely in Gilmore Land …

Lorelai and Max

Max asks Lorelai why she didn’t tell Rory that the two of them were back together – again, pretty presumptuous, as all they have done so far is talk on the phone. Lorelai says she didn’t want to upset Rory when she was grieving her break up with Dean, but she could have easily said she didn’t want to make Rory think they were back together before making sure of that herself. This makes more sense to me.

Max then demands to know why Lorelai hasn’t told friends such as Sookie yet, and she says it just never came up. Max thinks this is weak, since it seemed to come up naturally for him, and he’s already told a few people. (Mind you, if Sookie hasn’t been told about Max, surely seeing he and Lorelai together in this episode would be something of a heads up – she certainly doesn’t seem surprised by it).

The scene is meant to be one where Lorelai realises how she can’t commit, but it seems perfectly normal for them to keep their reunion private a while longer. They still haven’t been on one date together (!), Lorelai has a child going through a difficult time, and the headmaster at Chilton wasn’t exactly thrilled that Max and Lorelai were a couple anyway. It really seems more sensible for him to be more discreet, rather than for her to be more open.

Goofus and Gallant

LORELAI (to Rory): Okay, you’ve been in this mood for a week now, and while I love the unexpected ups and downs of motherhood, I’ve got to say I’m tired of Goofus and I’d like my Gallant back.

Goofus and Gallant is a children’s comic strip created by Garry Cleveland Myers which has been published in the children’s magazine Highlights for Children since 1946 (it was originally in Children’s Activities, first published in 1940).

Goofus and Gallant are two boys. The comic shows two panels, contrasting the actions of the polite, virtuous Gallant with the rude, selfish Goofus – for example, Goofus will take the last piece of food, while Gallant politely offers the plate around to see if anyone else wants it.

Rory hasn’t really been in this mood “for a week” – it’s only been a few days. For some reason, everyone is instantly concerned about her. The average person can be suicidal for months with nobody even noticing; Rory gets a bit crabby for two or three days and suddenly everyone goes into crisis mode on her behalf.

Rory Shows Emily the Potting Shed

(Rory opens the door and walks in. Emily looks in from the doorway.)
RORY: I know it’s looks small, but it’s really pretty. Come on. See, we had our bed right over there, and Mom put up this really pretty curtain around the tub so that it looked like a real bathroom. And we would just sit outside at night when the Inn would have parties, and we’d just listen to music and feed the ducks and . . . (Emily walks away) Grandma? Grandma wait, what’s the matter?

This is the potting shed next to the duck pond at the Independence Inn that Lorelai and Rory lived in when they first moved to Stars Hollow, as they had no money for accommodation (like the Holy Family, there was “no room at the inn”, and they were put in an outbuilding, so Baby Rory was just like Baby Jesus).

The shed is sturdy but rustic, and is stocked with gardening tools and plants, like any potting shed: it isn’t clear if those things were there while Lorelai and Rory lived there. Their bed is no longer there (they must have shared a single bed together), but the bath has been left, including the curtain that Lorelai put around it to serve as a bathroom wall. Lorelai mentioned that it has rosebud wallpaper, but the is shed painted white inside and doesn’t look as though it’s got the kind of walls that you could easily wallpaper.

It looks impractical for bringing up a baby, and we learn later that they moved to Stars Hollow in the autumn, so it would have been very cold as well (we don’t know what they used for heating). We don’t know how long they lived in this temporary accomodation, but long enough for Rory, who was only a baby when they came to Stars Hollow, to have some memories of it, and long enough that the weather became warm enough for them to sit outside at night. I would guess at least a year, and possibly two. Who looked after baby Rory while Lorelai was working is unknown.

This is the first time that Emily has ever seen the potting shed, and she is clearly distraught to discover the conditions her daughter and granddaughter lived in. Lorelai told Sookie that her parents visited them a few times at the inn while Rory was a baby, but they never saw where they slept at night. Lorelai was probably clever at keeping them away from the shed, but their lack of curiosity is surprising. Perhaps they were scared to push it in case Lorelai ran even further away.

In this case, it is Emily who runs away, too upset to spend any more with time with Rory or even say a proper goodbye to her. This incident serves as a device to keep Emily at a distance from Stars Hollow. Emily was having a good time with Rory, and was fitting in well with the townspeople, finding that she had things in common with Mrs. Kim and Michel. By showing her in the potting shed, it explains why Emily doesn’t visit Stars Hollow more often in the future.

Where they lived between the potting shed when Rory was a baby/toddler, and moving into their own house when Rory was eleven, is a complete mystery and never mentioned. Perhaps Lorelai saved up enough money to rent a cheap apartment for them, but renting would make it hard to save for a house. They could have lived in a friend’s house (with Sookie?), but if so, nobody ever refers to it.

In real life, it wouldn’t be legal for anyone to live in the potting shed under Connecticut zoning laws, but I’m not sure that would stop Lorelai anyway – rules were made for non-Gilmores!

Emily and Michel Meet

(They introduce themselves and shake hands)
EMILY: Enchantée. D’où venez vous?
MICHEL: Paris.
EMILY: J’adore Paris. Nous y allons chaque printemps.

Emily says, “Pleased to meet you. Where are you from?”, and Michel says he’s from Paris. Emily says, “I love Paris. We go there every spring”.

In fact, Richard and Emily go to Europe every second year in the fall, and specifically refused to go to Paris in the spring, questioning whether there was anything to see at that time of year.

Emily and Michel instantly hit it off, with Emily pronouncing him a “charming man”, and Michel telling Lorelai, “I just love your mother”. It makes sense that the two people who most enjoy  torturing Lorelai would like each other.

“I work here”

EMILY: Do you spend a lot of time here? [at the Independence Inn]
RORY: Yeah. I work here a couple afternoons a week, and I help out with special occasions. They have a lot of weddings here.

We learn that Rory, on top of her heavy school workload, also works part time two afternoons per week at the Independence Inn. This is different to what Rory told Headmaster Charleston in The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton,  when she said that she sometimes worked at the inn after school, so on weekdays. In the Pilot, Lorelai suggested she might want to help out and “earn some extra money” when Rory had a day off between changing schools, which could mean on top of the usual work she did at the inn, or to suggest that Rory helped out sometimes when she had free time.

It’s possible that Rory took on more regular work at the inn once she turned 16 (in Connecticut, there is a limit as to what kind of jobs a child under 16 may perform, although it is legal to work from 14 onward). As Rory doesn’t get home until nearly five pm from Hartford on weekdays, I can only think the two afternoons she works must be Saturday and Sunday – although it’s Saturday afternoon in this episode and Rory isn’t working, so I don’t know. She also says she works extra hours on the numerous weddings, which would mostly be on weekends anyway.

Maybe Rory works for just an hour or so after school twice a week. We never see her at this regular part-time job, so it’s hard to say how she manages her schedule. The job doesn’t seem too onerous, as it never seems to conflict with homework or social life (nor do we ever see Lorelai and Rory arriving home from work at the inn together). It’s possible that Rory is exaggerating her work schedule to impress her grandmother.