Lane Meets Dave Rygalski

DAVE: Excuse me, Lane?

LANE: That’s me.

DAVE: Okay, great, I’m Dave Rygalski.

LANE: Right, hi. You’re a guitarist.

In this scene, Lane meets Dave Rygalski, who answered her ad because he has a band that needs a drummer. He almost immediately becomes her love interest.

The character of Dave is based on the real life Dave Rygalski, the husband of Helen Pai, producer on Gilmore Girls, who the character of Lane is based on. The real Dave Rygalski has been a writer for Jay Leno and David Letterman, and also plays guitar, just like his fictional namesake. He has been in a few bands, and played some of the music for Lane’s band on Gilmore Girls.

On the show, Dave Rygalski is played by Adam Brody. At this stage, Brody had played Barry Williams in the TV film, Growing Up Brady, and been Greg Brady in an episode of The Amanda Show. Like several other actors on Gilmore Girls, he’d also been in Judging Amy, another show about mothers and daughters set in Connecticut – he played a guy called Barry Gilmore!

There has already been a character named Rygalski on Gilmore Girls – a bank manager in Hartford where Lorelai tried to get a loan was Mr Rygalski. Quite possibly this is Dave’s father.

It seems a bit unlikely that Lane is available to meet Dave on a Saturday night – as a Seventh Day Adventist, she has church on Saturday, and when Lane asked her mother for permission to go out on a Saturday night after church, Mrs Kim told her that after church she should be thinking about what she learned in church. However, perhaps has mother has softened slightly, or Lane is allowed out to see Rory.

Hindu Deities

LORELAI: Oh, Rory, quick, uh, what are the three major Hindu deities, because I’ve missed four questions in a row and if I miss another one, I don’t think I get dessert.

RORY: Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu.

Brahma: The Creator God in Hinduism, part of the trinity he forms with Shiva and Vishnu. He is associated with creation, knowledge, and the sacred texts of the Vedas. He is sometimes seen as the manifest divine presence of the Brahman, the ultimate metaphysical reality, whose name means “creative principle which lies realised in the whole world”. Brahma is commonly depicted as a red or gold-complexioned bearded man with four heads and hands, symbolising the four Vedas and four cardinal directions. He is seated on a lotus and his mount or vehicle is the swan, goose, or crane. Brahma is revered in the ancient texts, yet rarely worshipped as a primary deity in contemporary India, owing to the absence of any significant sect dedicated to his veneration.

Shiva: His name means “auspicious one” in Sanskrit, and he is known as the Destroyer within the trinity, although destruction isn’t his main attribute. His task is to propagate good, end evil, and bring everyone to knowledge of the divine, as he has all the knowledge of the universe. He is the patron god of yoga, meditation, and the arts. He may be shown with a serpent around his neck, a crescent moon, the holy river Ganges flowing from his hair, the third eye on his forehead, the trident as his weapon and the drum as his instrument. His origins are older than the Vedas, and he is worshipped widely by Hindus in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia (especially Java and Bali).

Vishnu: His name means “pervader” in Sanskrit, and he is known as the Preserver within the trinity, as he protects and transforms the universe. Whenever the world is threatened with evil, chaos and destructive forces, Vishnu descends as an incarnation to restore cosmic order and protect good. He is depicted as an omniscient being sleeping in the coils of a serpent which represents time, floating in the primeval ocean of milk which contains the immortal nectar of life.

Alma Mater

DARREN: So, Lorelai, what’s your alma mater?

Alma mater, a Latin phrase used to identify a school, college, or university that one has attended or graduated from. It literally means “nourishing mother”, as if the student has gained intellectual nourishment from their school. It is related to the word alumnus, previously discussed alumnus literally means “one who is nourished”.

The Latin phrase was originally a title for mother goddesses such as Ceres and Cybele, later given as a title to the Virgin Mary. It was first used academically in the English-speaking world in 1600, referring to Cambridge University, as part of the emblem for Cambridge University Press. You can see in the picture it was portrayed quite literally, with milk pouring out from the breasts of Cambridge – the milk of knowledge, I suppose.

Patience is a Virtue

FRANCIE: Okay, I guess I can wait . . . for a while.

PARIS: Patience is a virtue.

“Patience is a virtue” is a proverbial saying refering to Patience as one of the seven heavely virtues, dating back to the 5th century epic poem Psychomachia, by the Latin poet Prudentius.

An old couplet says:

Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can

‘Tis seldom found in women, but never in a man!

Kosher bacon

LORELAI: Huh, Kosher bacon.
SOOKIE: Beef, not pork.
LORELAI: I am so Jewish.

Beef bacon is made from beef belly, so that it’s streaked with fat like pork bacon, and then cured, dried, smoked, and sliced in exactly the same way. It’s leaner than pork bacon, though. It’s recently become popular because it’s halal and kosher – there’s a big market for it in the Middle East – but it’s not a new product. Bacon was made from beef and mutton as well as pork hundreds of years ago.

“I am so Jewish” is presumably a meta-comment from the writer, Amy Sherman-Palladino.

The Wedding is About to Begin

We get to see guests gathering for Sookie and Jackson’s wedding, which is being held at the Independence Inn. Everything looks pretty and romantic, with lots of colourful spring flowers everywhere. However, there’s plenty of quirky little details to provide some fun, including a sing-along around the piano.

Note that Lorelai and Rory are wearing blue bridesmaid dresses – the colour Lorelai predicted she would wear to Sookie and Jackson’s wedding on their very first date. We also see Jackson and his groomsmen striding across the lawn in their kilts.

Sookie and Jackson are going to be married under the chuppah that Luke made for Lorelai and Max’s wedding. So if you’ve been unhappy about the chuppah being relegated to a piece of garden decoration, here you go – it’s finally fulfilling its purpose. Decorated with flowers, it really does look very nice. Hopefully someone shows Luke a photo.

You might also notice that the minister performing the wedding ceremony is wearing a tee-shirt with a photo of Sookie and Jackson on it. They clearly went a little nutso with the photocopying from Jackson’s cousin. The minister isn’t either of the two ministers we’ve already seen in Stars Hollow, and is possibly from Jackson’s home town, as his family seemed to be more concerned about the religious conventions being followed (such as getting the children christened).

Some fans are disappointed that we never get to see Sookie and Jackson get married, or even walk down the aisle. However, the show is about the Gilmore girls, and everything is focused on their dramas, not that of side characters.

Tough Love

DEAN: Why don’t we just bring [Lorelai] something out?

RORY: No. She and Luke have been in this fight for too long, she’s gotta do this.

DEAN: You’re cruel.

RORY: Tough love, baby.

Tough love is the act of treating a person harshly or sternly with the intent to help them in the long run. It is thought that the phrase originated with the 1968 book Tough Love by Christian community activist Bill Milliken, who worked with at-risk youth to keep them engaged with the education system.

Dean describing Rory as “cruel” seems quite apt, considering the dishonest basis of their relationship at this point.

“Oy with the poodles already”

LORELAI: Huh. You know what I just realized? Oy is the funniest word in the entire world … I mean, think about it. You never hear the word oy and not smile. Impossible. Funny, funny word.

Oy, a Yiddish interjection expressing surprise and dismay. Often combined with vey, an interjection expressing distress or grief, to make oy vey (“oh no, woe is me”, more or less).

With the, a characteristic in Ashkenazi Jewish mode of speech in the US, meaning “in regard to, about, in the manner of”, generally in a disapproving tone to suggest that it’s too much or too often eg “You’re always with the jokes”, “Enough with the new house talk”.

Poodle, a curly-coated game dog which probably originated in Germany, first bred to retrieve wildfowl from water after hunting. It’s German name Pudel means “splash”, and it’s related to the English word puddle.

Already, a characteristic in Ashkenazi Jewish mode of speech in the US. At the end of a sentence, it expresses a frustrated impatience with a situation which should have been dealt with long ago eg “Will you two stop fighting and get a divorce already?”.

So Lorelai’s catchphrase means (roughly translated), “Oh no, there is a surfeit of poodles – this situation needs to be dealt with immediately, as it should have been rectified a long time ago!”.

Fans are divided as to whether Lorelai’s off-the-cuff catchphrase is actually funny. It’s certainly very Jewish.

Jessica Hahn

LORELAI: Instead, I got pregnant. I didn’t finish high school, I didn’t marry your father and I ended up in a career that apparently Jessica Hahn would think was beneath her.

Jessica Hahn (born 1959), model and actress. She accused televangelist Jim Bakker of rape while employed as a church secretary. After the 1987 scandal, Hahn posed nude for Playboy, appeared in several television shows, including Married … with Children, and was a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show on radio in the 1980s through to the 2000s.

Shih Tzu

LORELAI: Rory, I was supposed to graduate from high school. Go to Vassar. Marry a Yale man and get myself a proper nickname like Babe or Bunny or Shih Tzu.

A shih tzu is a breed of toy dog originating from Tibet. They have a short snout, large round eyes, long coat, floppy ears, and a playful, friendly disposition. Their name translates to “lion” in Mandarin, and the breed is considered sacred in Buddhist mythology.