Kodak Moment

RORY: The concert was amazing.
LANE: Forget about the concert. I wanted to see Lorelai pull those idiots out of that guy’s apartment.
RORY: It definitely was a Kodak moment.

The Eastman Kodak Company (known as Kodak) is an American company which produces imaging and photography products; it was founded in 1888 by George Eastman and Henry A. Strong. It was the dominant photography brand during the 20th century, having 90% of the market in the 1970s.

Kodak’s marketing tagline is “A Kodak moment”, which has passed into everyday slang to mean “a special moment worthy of being captured by a photograph”. Kodak Moments is now the name of Kodak’s photo app for smartphones.


MADELINE: There’s this great store under my therapist’s office who has the best vintage clothes. I found an original Pucci top for practically nothing.
LOUISE: Oh Pucci is very big right now.

Pucci is an Italian fashion brand originally founded by Emilio Pucci (1914-1992). Pucci clothing is synonymous with stretch-knit clothing in bright, geometric designs, and when Madeline says she found an original Pucci top in a vintage store, she means one that would have been designed by Emilio Pucci himself.

There are quite a number of vintage clothing stores in Hartford where Madeline might have found the top, but it seems unlikely they would sell an original Pucci top for “practically nothing” (the one in the picture costs nearly $200 today). She got very lucky that day.

We also discover from Madeline’s casual statement that she regularly sees a therapist. This might come as a surprise, as Madeline seems to be very cheerful and unconflicted by nature, but perhaps that’s because of all the therapy?

Paris’ Car

[Lorelai looks out the window and sees Paris, Madeline and Louise getting out of a car]
LORELAI: Rory, I think your friends are here. She must be one great babysitter to earn enough money for that car.

The car Paris is driving is a BMW 330Ci coupe convertible, an entry-level luxury car and the most popular model that BMW makes. In 2001, it would have cost around the $40 000 mark.

Red Vines

MRS. KIM: They [the girls] could be anywhere, they could be doing anything. Smoking, or drinking, or buying drugs!
LORELAI: They’re at the movies. There’s no drugs there. They don’t even have the real Red Vines.

Red Vines is a brand of red licorice candy made by the American Licorice Company. The current flavour has been used since 1952.

Lorelai and Rory seem to be very fond of them as Lorelai said Dean had saved their movie night when he gave Lorelai the Red Vines she had forgotten at the supermarket. The Black-White-Read Bookstore apparently only sells generic red licorice.

Diva Glam

LORELAI: Diva Glam.
RORY: I’ve got it.
LORELAI: Bring it up.

Apparently the brand of make-up palette case that Lorelai and Rory use. I think it might be the LA Colors Diva Glam make up case made by Beauty 21, a Canadian company founded in 1985 (when Lorelai was a young mother), which makes affordable cosmetics.

Taco Bell

(Michel tries to get Lorelai’s attention while she is studying)
MICHEL: Because learning the eating patterns of the average Taco Bell consumer is a vital lesson that –
LORELAI: Michel. What do you want?

Taco Bell is a chain of fast food restaurants that sell Tex-Mex foods such as as tacos, burritos, and nachos, serving 2 billion customers each year at over 7000 restaurants. It was founded in 1962 by restaurateur Glenn Bell, and first franchised in 1964. Since 1978 it has been part of the fast-food arm of PepsiCo.