“Mopy, Dopey, and about twelve other melancholy dwarves “

LANE: I love you, but you’ve been Mopey, Dopey, and about twelve other melancholy dwarves for the past five weeks, and I miss the old Rory.

Lane is referring to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a 1937 animated musical film made by Walt Disney, and based on the German fairy tale told by the Brothers Grimm. It was the first full-length animated feature film, and the earliest feature film made by Walt Disney.

There is a dwarf named Dopey in the film, but the other dwarfs are named Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Doc.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the #1 film of 1937, and audiences loved it so much that many gave the film a standing ovation, while critics hailed it as a piece of art. It received an Honorary Academy Award as a “significant screen innovation”, with Disney receiving one normal-sized Oscar statuette and seven small ones. The film gave Disney the green light to produce further animated features, and inspired MGM to produce its own fantasy movie, The Wizard of Oz.

Snow White was re-released in cinemas in 1993, when Lane and Rory were nine, and came out on video the following year; either year may have been when they first saw it.

It is actually almost six weeks since Rory and Dean broke up, but at five weeks and six days, this is one of the more accurate pieces of timing given in the first season of Gilmore Girls.

“Thank you for last night”

MAX: And thank you for last night.
LORELAI: It was a good night, wasn’t it?
MAX: Several novels will be written about it.
LORELAI: I say we do it again, and next time, I’ll be the gypsy queen.

It must be the morning after Max and Lorelai’s first date since they reunited, so it’s Sunday 22 April. Their entire conversation shows that if nothing else, the sexual side of their relationship works great.

A nice side effect is that Sookie sees Lorelai look happy, so immediately decides that she must be as well, just as she thought she must have ennui from being around Michel.

Berringiny Pansy

RICHARD: Saving the Berringiny Pansy. Who ever heard of such a thing?
EMILY: It’s a very rare flower that is rapidly disappearing from the face of this earth.
RICHARD: Well, who cares?
EMILY: As president of the Horticultural Society, I have to care.

A fictional species of flower. There are a few species of pansy in Europe which are rare or even endangered though.

The name of the pansy flower comes from the French for “thought” (pensée), to symbolise remembrance, especially of a loved one. Another name for the pansy is love-in-idleness, meaning someone who has nothing to do but think of their beloved. This seems apt, as Rory has been trapped by her thoughts and memories of Dean, with not enough to occupy her lately. Yet another name for the flower is heartsease, telling us that Rory will soon unburden her heart, and have her feelings soothed.

The Connecticut Horticultural Society has existed since 1887, and in real life does have speakers on one Thursday a month, just like in this episode (it now seems to be Thursday 19 April). They take place at the Emanuel Auditorium in West Hartford, and start at 7.30 pm – although you’re encouraged to come early so you can socialise. This suggests the time when Rory comes to her grandparents’ house is somewhere 6.30 and 7 pm.

“Dean is not in the store on Wednesdays”

LANE: I just thought you’d might like to know for future reference that Dean is not in the store on Wednesdays, so you can mark it down on that little list you’re hiding from me that says where Dean is, so that you can avoid him at any time.

Lane goes into the supermarket for Rory and does her shopping – she needs chewing gum, soda, a copy of The New Yorker, and dental floss. She lets Rory know that Dean is not in the store, so we know that the day is a Wednesday – most likely Wednesday 18 April.

“A couple of weeks now”

MAX: We’ve been having these very successful phone calls for a couple of weeks now.
LORELAI: Yes we have.
MAX: And I think that all the talking has done us a lot of good.
LORELAI: Yes it has.
MAX: So I was thinking that maybe this weekend instead of a phone call, we should have a date.

Lorelai and Max reunited more than four weeks ago, but perhaps they didn’t start talking on the phone straight away, or Max is giving a general estimate. Their first date is scheduled for five weeks after their reunion, so they didn’t rush into it.