“You didn’t by any chance invite my parents?”

LORELAI: Hey, you didn’t by any chance invite my parents, did you?
SOOKIE: Actually, I did.
SOOKIE: And at first, I was really torn because I know you have issues with them, but it is your wedding and I assumed you wanted them to be there. Oh no, your mother told you.
LORELAI: Sort of.

Lorelai here discovers that her mother knew she was getting married because Sookie told her, bringing about a terrible argument between mother and daughter. To her credit, Lorelai doesn’t blame Sookie for her faux pas, possibly recognising that it was her own responsibility to tell Emily about her marriage first, and that she never explained the situation properly to Sookie.

Lorelai Confronts Her Mother

LORELAI: Do you know how it felt for me to tell you that I was getting married and to have you just brush it off like that? Do you know?
EMILY: No I don’t, I don’t know! Possibly very similar to finding out from a complete stranger that my only daughter was getting married and had told every other person in the world before she bothered to tell her own mother. Possibly it felt something like that. Now if you’ll excuse me, it is late, and I am going to bed.

Lorelai finally gets to tell her mother how she felt about having her engagement news treated so coldly. But in return, Emily gets to tell her that she already knew Lorelai was getting married, having heard it from someone she barely knows (she exaggerates by saying “a complete stranger”; she already met Sookie at Rory’s second birthday party).

A shocked and chastened Lorelai walks out of the house, for once having to consider someone else’s feelings more than her own.

“Thirty-two years”

EMILY: And what about me confuses you Lorelai?
LORELAI: Well, so many things. I mean, for example, why can’t you keep a maid in this house? I mean, there must’ve been a thousand women who’ve gone through here in the thirty-two years that I’ve been alive, and not one of them could stick it out.

In fact, Lorelai had her birthday about two months ago, and is now thirty-three. It’s possible that at this stage Lorelai’s birthday had not been settled on, and it might have been imagined as later in the year.

Poor Max is left to stand uncomfortably by the door, unwelcome and completely unacknowledged by Lorelai and Emily while they have their fight. It’s an inauspicious meeting with his prospective mother-in-law, and demonstrates he is little more than a sideshow in Lorelai’s life.

Max’s Parents

While they are on a dinner date together in Hartford, Max tells Lorelai that he has told his parents about their engagement. They were absolutely thrilled, and insisted on paying a small amount toward the wedding, just so they could feel involved. (From Max’s description, it sounds as if his parents live fairly close).

Mrs Medina cried with happiness before saying Lorelai can call her “Mom” if she wants to, and offered her own wedding dress for Lorelai to wear. Apparently Max’s mother is quite large, because Max says it would take three Lorelais to fill her dress out.

All this is such a contrast to Emily’s frosty reception to her news that Lorelai becomes angry and upset. She and Max leave the restaurant (another meal out that Lorelai didn’t finish eating), and she forces him to take her to her parents’ house so she can confront her mother, ignoring Max’s pleas to be more reasonable, and to try to see things from Emily’s viewpoint

Eye candy

MAX: Is something wrong?
MAX: You can tell me. That’s what I’m here for.
LORELAI: I thought it was just for eye candy.

Eye candy is slang for a person or object which is attractive and pleasing to look at; a treat for the eyes. Lorelai’s joke probably has some truth to it – that her attraction to Max is mostly physical.

Rory’s Fight With Dean

DEAN: Wait a minute. I thought we were gonna spend some time together.
RORY: We are.
DEAN: When?
RORY: I don’t know. Tomorrow maybe?

Rory and Dean now enter their third serious fight together, in a relationship which has only lasted around six months.

You can definitely see Dean’s point of view. He wanted to spend the day with Rory, but she was busy (and didn’t tell him about that beforehand), so they agreed to spend the evening together instead. But when he turns up for that, Rory tells him that now she has to spend the evening alone, planning her future. When he asks when he can see her again, she’s not sure and says the next day – maybe.

Dean is right that Rory is dismissing him from her life as if he doesn’t matter, and he is also right that her behaviour is absurd. She can’t possibly catch up on all the volunteering she thinks she has to do in one night, and she can’t even organise volunteer work for herself on a Saturday night when everything is shut. She possibly has an hour or so to make calls, and then she could spend the evening with Dean.

On the other hand, Dean is clearly jealous of the time Rory spends away from him, and makes very little attempt to understand Rory or help her feel less stressed out. If Rory had perhaps been more honest with him from the start as to how much of her summer would be taken up with classes, homework, and volunteer work, rather than springing it on him as it happens, he might have taken the news better.



DEAN: I just thought we could hang today. Maybe see a movie, get something to eat. We could go to a bookstore, I’ll watch you browse for six or seven hours.
RORY: I would love to, but I have to do this thing today.
DEAN: Blow it off.
RORY: I can’t.
DEAN: Did I mention the bookstore for six or seven hours?
RORY: How about tonight? We can get a pizza and go on Amazon. You’ll be just as bored watching me ordering books, I promise.

Amazon is an American e-commerce company that was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, and is now the largest Internet retailer in the world by revenue, and second-largest by total sales, and the most valuable retailer in America. They originally started as an online bookstore, and later diversified. When she’s not buying books from the bookstores in Stars Hollow, Rory apparently orders her reading material from Amazon.

It seems from their exchange that Rory did not bother telling her boyfriend about the volunteer work she signed up for the previous day. It also seems that their “dates” generally revolve around Rory and her interests, with Dean having nothing to do except watch Rory enjoy herself. And further, it seems Rory sees absolutely nothing wrong with this level of selfishness in a relationship, which means she really has learned everything she knows from Lorelai.