Lorelai and Rory Want the Soda Shop

Luke is prepared to fight Taylor to stop him from renting the space next to the diner that Luke owns to set up an old-fashioned soda shop. However, this battle of the titans is over almost before it begins when Luke realises that Lorelai and Rory actually want it.

If any more proof was needed that Luke’s feud with Lorelai is over, here it is – he is caving in public to Taylor to make her happy. The rent that Taylor will be paying him must take quite a bit of the sting out; Luke indicates he will be charging a high amount.


Taylor unveils a diorama of his soda shop proposal to entice the town meeting into agreeing that Stars Hollow needs one.

A diorama is a replica of a scene, typically a three-dimensional full-size or miniature model, sometimes enclosed in a glass showcase for a museum. They are sometimes made by hobbyists.

This one is a miniature, but in a later season, Taylor creates a life-sized diorama.

Town Meeting

After having lunch in Westport with the Springsteens, Lorelai and Rory attend a town meeting in Stars Hollow – we know it’s the evening of the same day, because they are wearing the same clothes, and Lane asks how lunch went.

Town meetings were always held on a Thursday (it seemed to be the second Thursday of the month). Now they are going to one on a Saturday – not the day of the week that anyone would pick for a meeting, either, because people often go out on weekends, or even go away. It’s a bit disappointing, because they seemed to be slowly building a nice little world in Gilmore Girls that was reasonably consistent, and now they’re holding a meeting on a Saturday because it suits the plot, and for no other reason.

I would like to believe this is a special meeting that Taylor has called for the soda shop issue (cunningly arranged for a weekend so hardly anyone can attend), except that when Lorelai and Rory arrive late, the meeting has just finished going through their routine banking business.

“I didn’t mold her”

DARREN: She’s a very impressive young lady … You molded her well.

LORELAI: Oh, no, I didn’t mold her. Rory popped out that way.

Lorelai has been very careful during the meeting with Darren to portray herself as a naive and uneducated small town girl, to make it seem as if Rory has attained everything without any family help. She doesn’t let Darren know she’s from a wealthy family, and went to private school until she got pregnant. She doesn’t tell him she’s an avid reader who loves musical theatre and classic films. She most certainly doesn’t share with him that going to Harvard was her dream, and that she’s been pushing Harvard onto Rory since she was a toddler.

Everything she does at the Springsteens is designed to convince Darren that Rory has had to struggle to succeed and needs special assistance to get into Harvard; that she’s from a “non-traditional” background that will increase diversity. It’s not really honest or transparent, but she hasn’t told any actual lies (except of omission), and she really wants Rory to get into Harvard.

Hindu Deities

LORELAI: Oh, Rory, quick, uh, what are the three major Hindu deities, because I’ve missed four questions in a row and if I miss another one, I don’t think I get dessert.

RORY: Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu.

Brahma: The Creator God in Hinduism, part of the trinity he forms with Shiva and Vishnu. He is associated with creation, knowledge, and the sacred texts of the Vedas. He is sometimes seen as the manifest divine presence of the Brahman, the ultimate metaphysical reality, whose name means “creative principle which lies realised in the whole world”. Brahma is commonly depicted as a red or gold-complexioned bearded man with four heads and hands, symbolising the four Vedas and four cardinal directions. He is seated on a lotus and his mount or vehicle is the swan, goose, or crane. Brahma is revered in the ancient texts, yet rarely worshipped as a primary deity in contemporary India, owing to the absence of any significant sect dedicated to his veneration.

Shiva: His name means “auspicious one” in Sanskrit, and he is known as the Destroyer within the trinity, although destruction isn’t his main attribute. His task is to propagate good, end evil, and bring everyone to knowledge of the divine, as he has all the knowledge of the universe. He is the patron god of yoga, meditation, and the arts. He may be shown with a serpent around his neck, a crescent moon, the holy river Ganges flowing from his hair, the third eye on his forehead, the trident as his weapon and the drum as his instrument. His origins are older than the Vedas, and he is worshipped widely by Hindus in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia (especially Java and Bali).

Vishnu: His name means “pervader” in Sanskrit, and he is known as the Preserver within the trinity, as he protects and transforms the universe. Whenever the world is threatened with evil, chaos and destructive forces, Vishnu descends as an incarnation to restore cosmic order and protect good. He is depicted as an omniscient being sleeping in the coils of a serpent which represents time, floating in the primeval ocean of milk which contains the immortal nectar of life.

She’s okay with anything I do”

CAROL: So, tell me something, Harvard hair – how bad do you wanna please your parents?

RORY: My mom, and really bad, but it’s not hard to please my mom. She’s okay with anything I do. As long as I’m happy, she’s good.

Not really true – there’s plenty of times Lorelai hasn’t been okay with what Rory wants to do. She didn’t permit Rory to give up Chilton after she met Dean, she was furious when Rory told Emily about their financial problems, and she doesn’t approve of Rory’s attraction to Jess. In the future, Rory will discover that when it comes to her university education, Lorelai will not be “okay” with all of Rory’s decisions, and that Rory just being “happy” is not enough to satisfy her.

More accurately, Lorelai and Rory have plenty of fights and disagreements, some more serious than others, but they always find a way to resolve things, eventually.

Note that Rory repudiates Christopher as her father here – she is quick to say she only has one parent, her mother. She is seriously angry with him for what he did to Lorelai, and to her, and it is a rift which is never really healed. Rory will never go back to being the young girl who yearns for her father and gets excited at the thought of him making one of his all too rare visits.


CAROL: If you were to tell either of my siblings that there was another life choice outside of the Ivy League, I think their khakis would wrinkle.

Khakis, another name for chinos, trousers made from a cotton twill (see Cotton Dockers). Developed in the mid-19th century for British and French military uniforms, it has since migrated into civilian wear. Trousers of such a fabric gained popularity in the US when Spanish–American War veterans returned from the Philippines with their twill military trousers. The fabric was originally made in khaki, and this is still the most popular colour.

Harry Potter

RORY: I’ve dreamt of going to Harvard since I was a little girl.

CAROL: Yeah, a lot of four year olds dream of that. It comes right after meeting Harry Potter.

Harry Potter, the schoolboy wizard who is the protagonist of the popular Harry Potter book and film series, the novels written by English author J.K. Rowling, previously mentioned. In the films, he is played by English actor Daniel Radcliffe.

Rory was four years old in 1988-1989, and the first Harry Potter book was published in 1997, so Rory could hardly have been interested in him as a toddler anyway. Presumably Carol is thinking of her young clients in the present day.

There’s a little mistake in the writing here. Rory never actually tells Carol that she’s been dreaming of Harvard since she was four – only that she was a little girl. We know she was four because Lorelai told Max in Season 1, but somehow Carol knows about it too.