Bath Sheet vs Bath Towel

EMILY: Richard, perhaps you could get that while I have another bath sheet versus bath towel debate with your mother.

Bath sheets are simply large towels – large enough that you can wrap them around your torso or waist after your bath or shower. They are efficient for drying as they can soak up more water, and are seen as the luxury option. However, some people find them too heavy and cumbersome (and take a long time to dry out). It is unclear whether Trix wants a bath sheet rather than a bath towel, or the other way around.

Egyptian Cotton

EMILY: That was your mother, Richard. She just wanted to make sure that all our towels are Egyptian cotton.

Egyptian cotton has long been considered superior to “normal” cotton. The ideal growing conditions in Egypt lead to a very fine yarn, and the plants are harvested by hand, so that the cotton is supposedly stronger, more flexible, softer, longer-lasting, and doesn’t “pill”. Egyptian cotton is said to be more moisture absorbent, making it a good option for towels.


NURSE: No, you cannot hit me.
LORELAI: Can I bite you or pull your hair or use the Epilady on you, ’cause I really need to do something?

Epilady was the brand name of the first epilator, an electrical device used to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out. It was released in Israel in 1986, manufactured by Mepro on a kibbutz.

They were notoriously painful to use, sometimes likened to torture devices, so Lorelai thinks of it as something painful she can use on the nurse to take her mind off her labour pains, like biting her or pulling her hair.

Obviously this flashback can’t have actually happened, because it is October 1984, and the Epilady hadn’t been invented yet. Perhaps it is a false memory. (If so, can we really trust any of the flashbacks?).


LORELAI: It’s a tie for my father’s birthday.

LUKE: What, no Aramis this year?

Aramis, luxury fragrance brand introduced by US cosmetics company Estée Lauder in 1964. It was the first prestige men’s fragrance widely available in department stores, and is now sold in 120 countries. Aramis was created by perfumer Bernard Chant.