Mrs. Kim (Emily Kuroda)

MRS. KIM: So, how was school? None of the girls get pregnant, drop out?

A none-too-subtle dig at Rory, whose own mother did exactly that. It’s clear that Mrs. Kim is uncomfortable and a bit nervous about Lane being best friends with Rory, the daughter of a young single mother. The fact that she allows Lane to maintain the friendship anyway speaks volumes about how much she loves Lane, and doesn’t want her to be friendless and alone. It’s our first clue that she’s not as strict as she might appear at first.

Although Lane Kim is based on the Palladinos’ friend Helen Pai, and her childhood experiences of growing up in a Seventh Day Adventist Korean-American family, Helen’s mother is described as a mild, sweet lady. Mrs Kim isn’t based on her – she’s an entirely fictional character.

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