RICHARD: Physical fitness is as important as intellectual fitness. So says Plato and so say I.

Plato (c428-c348 BC) was a philosopher of Classical Greece, and founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institute of higher education in the Western world. He is widely considered a key figure in the history of philopshy and science, one of those who laid the foundations of Western thought and culture.

Richard may be thinking of Plato’s philosophical and political dialogue The Republic, written around 380 BC, and his best known work. It depicts the philospopher Socrates speaking with a group of students about the perfect city-state, and how it might be achieved.

In Book 4, Socrates tells his students that education requires both the training of the body, and the training of the mind through what we would call the liberal arts. The type of exercise that Socrates has in mind is dancing, hunting, athletics, and horse racing.

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