260 Year Old Cat

BABETTE: Oh, Morey, don’t do this to yourself. He thinks it was the clams …
VET: It wasn’t the clams. Morey, in human years this cat was 260 years old.

There are two things wrong with the vet’s statement. First, 260 “human years” is just 260 years – the vet actually means “cat years”. Second, for a cat to be the equivalent of a 260 year old human, it would need to live to 60. There is no way Cinnamon is 60 years old – a cat might survive into its early twenties if kept indoors and well cared for. The oldest cat on record lived to 28.

The vet is confused, exaggerating, not good at mathematics, not good with English, and/or doesn’t understand how long cats live.

2 thoughts on “260 Year Old Cat

  1. It’s a television show. The actor simply made a mistake in their lines, and said human years instead of cat years. They exaggerated the cats age for comedic effect. There has never been a cat that has lived for that long. They know that. It’s really not a big deal. Don’t lose any sleep over it


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