Boogie Nights

DEAN: So, uh, at what point does the outsider get to suggest a movie for movie night?
RORY: That depends. What movie are you thinking of?
DEAN: I don’t know … Boogie Nights, maybe.

Boogie Nights is a 1997 drama film written, produced, and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. It is about a young dishwasher in a nightclub, played by Mark Wahlberg, who becomes a popular porn star. His career rises through the Golden Age of Pornography in the late 1970s, and then falls during the excesses of the 1980s. It was released to critical acclaim, the soundtrack also gaining praise.

That Dean would suggest watching a R-rated film about a porn star that has several sex scenes with his new school-age girlfriend, and her mother that he just met that evening, is frankly staggering.

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