The Cure

[Lane runs into Rory’s room and puts on loud music.]
LORELAI: Oh, that’s The Cure. I have to go back in there.

The song by English Gothic rock band The Cure that Lane plays when she escapes into Rory’s room after touching her crush’s hair is Pictures of You. It’s from their 1989 album Disintegration, and was released as a single in 1990, when it went to #27 in the UK and #71 in the US, although #19 on the alternative music charts.

Robert Smith was inspired to write the song after a fire broke out in their house. While going through the remains, he came across his wallet which had pictures of his wife Mary in it. The cover for the single has one of the pictures on it.

The song is a reminder of the photos Rory finds of her parents, the remains of their relationship.

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