Crazy Bomber

DEAN: So am I like public enemy #1 with you?
LORELAI: #1? I don’t know, would you settle for top five? Because I’m still a little hot for that crazy bomber guy who’s been living in a cave for a year.

Lorelai is most likely referring to domestic terrorist Eric Rudolph (born 1966), known as the Olympic Park Bomber. He perpetrated the Centennial Olympic Park bombing at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, and went on to commit a series of anti-abortion and anti-gay motivated bombings between 1996 and 1998 in the southern states of the US.

Rudolph was listed on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted, and lived as a fugitive in the Appalachian wilderness for five years, camping in the woods. Lorelai assumes that Rudolph must be living in a cave because the authorities were scouring the area in search of him.

Rudolph was arrested in 2003 and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in 2005. He is currently serving his sentence in a Colorado prison, spending most of the day in solitary confinement.

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