LORELAI: Look, I know it [her treatment of Skippy] was bad, but this was a vicious hamster. This was like a Damien hamster with little beady eyes and a big forked tail and … a cape with a … hood …

Lorelai is referring to the 1976 horror film The Omen, directed by Richard Donner. It is about a little boy named Damien (Harvey Spencer Stephens) who appears to be the Antichrist, and around whom numerous unexplained tragedies take place. The Omen was the #5 movie of 1976 and received excellent reviews; it also gained an Academy Award for its score. Today it is recognised as a horror classic.

Interestingly, Rottweiler dogs feature in the film as a mysteriously evil force. Buttercup is part-Rottweiler, suggesting that, like Skippy, she may have ended up being another “bad pet” that Lorelai would have had to abandon if Lorelai had adopted her.

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