Dean’s Phone Call

RORY (on Babette’s phone): Hello?
DEAN: Um, I wasn’t sure if you still wanted me to come over.
RORY: Oh, I do. I do, I absolutely do.

It isn’t clear how Dean knows Babette’s phone number, as Rory didn’t leave it when she rang Dean’s house. It suggests that once he knew that Rory was house-sitting for Babette, he immediately looked her number up in the phone book, and programmed it into his cell phone. Which is a little creepy.

The show tries to make it look as if Rory is sitting in the nude waiting for Dean, even though that doesn’t make any sense. Why would you get naked (while wearing a hair band) while waiting for your boyfriend to come over, especially if you’re not sure he’s even coming? Wouldn’t you look pretty silly if (for example) your mother who lives next door popped over to see how you were getting on in the meantime? And isn’t it kind of gross to sit on your neighbours’ furniture in the nude while they’re away?

However, what Rory is actually wearing and planning doesn’t make much sense either: what would she have done if Dean hadn’t arrived at that point? And Dean’s stalkerish phoning from just outside the house will backfire on him in a future season.

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