Wild Kingdom

LORELAI: Well, it started with Rory’s baby chick getting loose in the house and ended with Rory and I up at one in the morning looking for Morey and Babette’s new kitten, who we found asleep in the piano.
SOOKIE: Wow, that’s very Wild Kingdom of you.
LORELAI: Yeah. I’m like the Marlin Perkins of Stars Hollow.

Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, often just called Wild Kingdom, is an American nature and wildlife show which first ran from 1963 to 1988. It was hosted by zoologist Marlin Perkins until he had to retire in 1985 due to ill health. Wild Kingdom helped raise ecological and environmental awareness, and its success led to other wildlife documentaries being aired on television, helping to pave the way for the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. The show was revived on Animal Planet in 2002, and ran until 2011.

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