CHRISTOPHER: Oh man, I told Rory not to rat me out [about having his credit card declined]. I can’t believe she did that.
LORELAI: She didn’t. Andrew from the bookstore called, and Jackson, and the UPS guy, and ooh, it was the lead story on the Stars Hollow web page. And then I asked Rory, and she very reluctantly confirmed it.

UPS is the United Parcel Service, an American package delivery company. There is a UPS Store in Wallingford, which seems to be close to the location of Stars Hollow. Lorelai’s comment suggests there is a UPS Store in Stars Hollow for the delivery man to be up on town gossip and have Lorelai’s phone number (although it’s possible she’s joking). It is also confirmed here that the town has its own web page – unless Lorelai is joking about that.

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