Lady and the Tramp

LORELAI: Wow, it’s gonna be just like Lady and the Tramp. You’ll share a plate of spaghetti, but it’ll just be one long strand, but you won’t realize it until you accidentally meet in the middle. And then he’ll push a meatball towards you with his nose, and you’ll push it back with your nose, and then you’ll bring the meatball home, and you’ll save it in the refrigerator for years and . . .

Lady and the Tramp is a 1955 animated musical film made by Walt Disney. Loosely based on the short story, “Happy Dan, the Whistling Dog”, by Ward Green, it tells the story of a cocker spaniel named Lady who lives with an upper-middle class family in the early twentieth century. Lady meets a stray mongrel named Tramp, and they have many adventures together, eventually falling in love.

Lady and the Tramp was the #6 film of 1955, and is now regarded as a classic. It was released on video in 1987 when Rory was three years old; Lorelai might have bought it for her then. It was re-released on video in 1998 when Rory was 14, which is another possibility.

Lorelai is describing the most famous scene from the film: the two dogs share a plate of spaghetti at an Italian restaurant where Tramp has been begging for scraps, and accidentally share a kiss as they swallow opposite ends of the same strand of spaghetti. She goes on to imagine Rory saving a meatball as a memento of her dinner date, something which Rory tries to do.

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