Right in the middle of a festival devoted to love, and lovers coming to find each other, Luke’s ex-girlfriend Rachel (Lisa Ann Hadley) unexpectedly appears on a whim, as if the stars over Stars Hollow were leading her back. It’s really quite a coincidence, as Lorelai only recently found out that Rachel existed, and then here she is.

Rachel suddenly turning up is another falling star on Lorelai’s romantic hopes. Any thought that she could find comfort with Luke is now gone, as his threateningly cool ex-girlfriend is back in his life. Lorelai is running out of options for an easy fix to her woes.

It’s a matter of opinion whether Rachel is “an Elle MacPherson kind of pretty” or not. She certainly looks more like Elle MacPherson than Catherine Zeta-Jones or Michelle Pfeiffer, but to me she’s really more of a “Lorelai Gilmore kind of pretty”.

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