Audiovisual Club

RORY: I mean, Harvard is hard to get into, and I don’t know why I even spend my time thinking about anything else.
LORELAI: Because you have a pulse, and you are not the president of the Audiovisual Club.

An Audiovisual Club was one in American high schools where children learned how to become proficient in using microphones, film, slide projectors, VCRs, and other audiovisual devices, often becoming assistants to library and teaching staff when they needed that equipment.

They’ve become more or less obsolete since the 1980s, or evolved into IT Clubs or Media Clubs, but the stereotype remains of an Audiovisual Club being made up of extremely geeky students who belong to the A.V. Club, often as a way of hiding from bullies. They feature in TV series set in the 1980s, such as Freaks and Geeks [pictured] and Stranger Things.

Lorelai is remembering back to her own school days in the 1980s. Rory is perhaps too diplomatic or too depressed to tell her mother that her school doesn’t have an A.V. Club.

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