“So where’s that list?”

LORELAI: So where’s that list?
RORY: What?
LORELAI: The list, we’ve got a lot to do Missy, otherwise I’m gonna be dragging your butt outta bed at 6 again tomorrow morning. So, where do we start?

I’m not sure how they can start at all yet. Rory woke Lorelai up at 6 am, and they would have been at the diner by around 6.30 am (Lorelei got dressed, they talked, and they walked there by a slightly longer route than usual). It can’t be any later than 7 am by now, and the shops and recycling centre surely won’t be open for another hour at least.

When Rory asks Dean if he is okay after his fight with Luke, the clock shows that it is still only 6.25 am, so somehow the speedy Rory and Lorelai were able to get ready, walk to the diner, and eat breakfast all within less than half an hour.

I’m not sure when Luke had a chance to cook their breakfast while he was fighting Dean, but perhaps someone else did it, or the Gilmores just decided to leave without eating breakfast – yet another case of them storming out of a meal without eating anything. If so, it makes the visit to the diner seem pretty pointless: they could have not eaten at home.

Even if they skipped breakfast it barely seems possible they could do everything in 25 minutes, but if that’s what happened then they still have around two hours before the shops open.

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