Bat Mitzvah and Menorahs

RORY: [examining Paris’ clothes] This is your entire wardrobe?
RORY: Nothing’s left at home?
PARIS: Nothing but my Chilton uniform and my bat mitzvah dress which has menorahs on the collar.

The bat mitzvah is the female version of the bar mitzvah, a coming of age ceremony in Judaism, after which the person becomes responsible for their own actions under Jewish law, and can fully participate in Jewish community life.

For boys, the bar mitzvah is age 13, while for girls the bat mitzvah it is age 12 in Orthodox and Conservative Judaism, and age 13 in Reform Judaism.

A menorah [pictured] is a seven lamp, six branch lamp-stand which has been a symbol of Judaism since ancient times; it is the emblem on Israel’s coat of arms. According to the Bible, the instructions for the design of the menorah were handed down to Moses by God. Traditionally lit with oil, modern ones may be candlesticks instead.

Paris wore a nice outfit to Madeline’s party recently, so I’m not sure it’s really believable that she doesn’t have any clothes to wear, and can’t dress herself.

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