“That annoying Cranberries song”

LORELAI: No, I mean – God I know this is crazy. I have my mother’s voice stuck in my head. It’s like that annoying Cranberries song.

Lorelai is probably referring to the 1994 protest song Zombie by Irish rock band The Cranberries. Written by vocalist Dolores O’Riordan, it is about the 1993 IRA bombings in England which killed two young children. Released as the lead single from their album No Need to Argue, it went to #32 in the US and #1 on the alternative charts, #3 in Ireland, and #14 in the UK. It went to #1 in several countries, including France, Germany, Denmark, and Australia.

Many people seem to hold Lorelai’s opinion that the song is “annoying” and an earworm that can easily get stuck in your head – the refrain keeps repeating, “in your head, in your head …”, which probably doesn’t help matters.

The song was re-released in an acoustic version in 2017 on their album Something Else, and still sold well, especially as a digital download. The music video for the original is one of the most popular on YouTube, so there must still be a lot of affection for it.

Since Dolores O’Riordan unexpectedly died in January this year at the age of 46, people have probably been a bit kinder toward the song.

One thought on ““That annoying Cranberries song”

  1. fuck this fucking song, so annoying, why are radio station still playing this song? The reason of its existence isn’t relevant anymore.


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