Biedermeier Hutch

EMILY: I made the mistake of telling Peg all my favourite special spots, and that woman moved in and completely wiped them out. You can’t find a decent Biedermeier hutch in all of Connecticut.

Beidermeier was a style of central European furniture design which lasted from 1815 to 1848. It had an emphasis on utilitarian clean lines and lack of ornamentation, and was influenced by the Georgian style from Britain. Beidermeier furniture is typically made from locally sourced wood, such as oak, ash, or cherry, rather than exotic imports.

Vienna was the centre of Beidermeier design, but it was popular among the middle classes in German-speaking countries and Scandinavia. Sometimes American furniture made by German immigrants in the Beidermeier style is also sold as “Beidermeier” – often cheaper than furniture imported from Austria or Germany.

Hutch is an American term for a type of furniture. Usually it describes shelving or cabinets on top of a lower unit that has a counter top, and either drawers or cabinets. A typical example would be the sort of sideboard cabinets used to display china or glassware.

A large European-made Beidermeier hutch might cost more than $1000 today, although a smaller piece could be around $500.

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