Charlie’s Angels

(Emily pulls a plate out the cabinet.)
EMILY: There are women in bikinis on them.
RORY: The original Charlie’s Angels. It took us years to get a complete set. You can find the Kate Jacksons and the Shelly Hacks pretty easily. Even the Cheryl Ladds. But the Farrah Fawcetts and the Jacklyn Smiths are a little harder to come by, but still accessible. The real trick however is to find the Tanya Roberts. We have three.

Charlie’s Angels is a crime drama television series which was originally broadcast from 1976 to 1981. It follows three women who are private investigators working for a never-seen boss named Charlie Townsend, who communicates with them via speakerphone.

The original stars of the show were Kate Jackson (Sabrina Duncan), Jaclyn Smith (Kelly Garrett), and Farrah Fawcett (Jill Munroe), earlier discussed. With casting changes came Cheryl Ladd (Kris Munroe), Shelley Hack (Tiffany Welles), and Tanya Roberts (Julie Rogers).

Despite mixed reviews, Charlie’s Angels was hugely popular for its first two seasons. It still has a cult following through reruns, DVD, and film and television remakes.

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