Lorelai and Max

Max asks Lorelai why she didn’t tell Rory that the two of them were back together – again, pretty presumptuous, as all they have done so far is talk on the phone. Lorelai says she didn’t want to upset Rory when she was grieving her break up with Dean, but she could have easily said she didn’t want to make Rory think they were back together before making sure of that herself. This makes more sense to me.

Max then demands to know why Lorelai hasn’t told friends such as Sookie yet, and she says it just never came up. Max thinks this is weak, since it seemed to come up naturally for him, and he’s already told a few people. (Mind you, if Sookie hasn’t been told about Max, surely seeing he and Lorelai together in this episode would be something of a heads up – she certainly doesn’t seem surprised by it).

The scene is meant to be one where Lorelai realises how she can’t commit, but it seems perfectly normal for them to keep their reunion private a while longer. They still haven’t been on one date together (!), Lorelai has a child going through a difficult time, and the headmaster at Chilton wasn’t exactly thrilled that Max and Lorelai were a couple anyway. It really seems more sensible for him to be more discreet, rather than for her to be more open.

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