“Why don’t you want to think about this?”

RORY: Why don’t you want to think about this?
LORELAI: Because I haven’t made my mind up about the yes or no part, so I don’t want to start fantasizing about dresses and flowers or doves and tulle until I do, so please change the subject.

The fact that Lorelai needs to think about whether to say yes or no is a sure sign that she doesn’t really want to marry Max. If she did, she would be jumping at the chance, or at least coming up with ways to justify saying yes.

(You can see in the background that Lorelai has donated her yellow daisies to the entire town, and they even seem to have set up a little red wagon in the town square from which to either sell or give away the flowers to passers-by. It’s a typically big-hearted gesture by Lorelai which serves to make her more of a star and the centre of attention. It’s also practical, as she could hardly take all the daisies home).

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