Lorelai Confronts Her Mother

LORELAI: Do you know how it felt for me to tell you that I was getting married and to have you just brush it off like that? Do you know?
EMILY: No I don’t, I don’t know! Possibly very similar to finding out from a complete stranger that my only daughter was getting married and had told every other person in the world before she bothered to tell her own mother. Possibly it felt something like that. Now if you’ll excuse me, it is late, and I am going to bed.

Lorelai finally gets to tell her mother how she felt about having her engagement news treated so coldly. But in return, Emily gets to tell her that she already knew Lorelai was getting married, having heard it from someone she barely knows (she exaggerates by saying “a complete stranger”; she already met Sookie at Rory’s second birthday party).

A shocked and chastened Lorelai walks out of the house, for once having to consider someone else’s feelings more than her own.

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