Max’s Parents

While they are on a dinner date together in Hartford, Max tells Lorelai that he has told his parents about their engagement. They were absolutely thrilled, and insisted on paying a small amount toward the wedding, just so they could feel involved. (From Max’s description, it sounds as if his parents live fairly close).

Mrs Medina cried with happiness before saying Lorelai can call her “Mom” if she wants to, and offered her own wedding dress for Lorelai to wear. Apparently Max’s mother is quite large, because Max says it would take three Lorelais to fill her dress out.

All this is such a contrast to Emily’s frosty reception to her news that Lorelai becomes angry and upset. She and Max leave the restaurant (another meal out that Lorelai didn’t finish eating), and she forces him to take her to her parents’ house so she can confront her mother, ignoring Max’s pleas to be more reasonable, and to try to see things from Emily’s viewpoint

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