“A double date, with adults?”

DEAN: So a double date, with adults?
RORY: No, just with Mom and Max.
DEAN: What’ll it be, like dinner and dancing?
RORY: Yes, and then we’ll enjoy brandy and cigars. No, we’ll probably just grab a bite.

We can see from their exchange that Rory and Dean see adults differently. For Dean, the idea of going on a double date with two adults is strange, and not particularly appealing. For Rory, a double date with her mother and her teacher is normal and potentially enjoyable – she doesn’t see them as “adults”, but as friends, with similar tastes and interests to herself.

Rory often socialises with her mother and other adult friends, so this is what she is used to. It helps to explain why adults seem to adore Rory, and why Rory often behaves more like an adult than a teenager.

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