“Maybe you should stay here”

LORELAI: So, maybe you should stay here.
MAX: Here?
LORELAI: Yeah. Instead of driving back and forth all weekend, sleep over. I mean, it’s gonna be your place too, soon enough. Look at it like a trial run.

From this we learn that it has been decided that Max will live with Lorelai and Rory in their house in Stars Hollow after he gets married. This decision seems to have primarily been made because it suits Lorelai – there is no way she is leaving Stars Hollow for a man. (Even though she apparently refused to date men from Stars Hollow so they wouldn’t upset Rory: quite a catch-22).

We also learn that in all the time since they first began dating nine months ago, Max has never spent the night with Lorelai in her house – apart from the night he slept on the sofa while Rory was in Hartford with Richard and Emily, and Lane was sleeping in Rory’s room.

On the night Max gave Lorelai her diamond engagement ring, he came over fairly late to give it to her, as she had already been to dinner at her parents’ place, and had to counsel an upset Rory. Even coming over late to see her, Max was not able to stay the night, but had to drive home to Hartford alone.

Some people might think that Lorelai and Max should have had a “trial run” of their living arrangements much sooner than this once they became engaged, and for longer than a single weekend while Max and Rory are on vacation. Even if things went well, it would hardly be a realistic test of how their lives might work afterwards.

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