Max and Lorelai Fight

Max tries to do what Dean never bothered to do with Rory – demand to know exactly what role Lorelai sees him having in her life when they are married. He was all prepared to be a good stepfather to Rory (and probably a stricter parent than Lorelai), but is now told that it won’t be necessary – Rory is almost grown, and already “brought up”.

Upon asking what exactly his role in Lorelai’s life will be, it turns out that pretty much all Lorelai sees him doing is the cooking, answering the phone, and servicing her sexually. For some reason, he isn’t satisfied with being her personal chef-secretary-gigolo, and is horrified to discover that Lorelai has given precisely zero thought to how their lives will work as a married couple, even though it’s just two weeks until their wedding.

Anyone can see there are rocks ahead in this union. The fight ends when Max realises he broke Dean’s rule not to discuss anything serious late at night, during the “cranky hour”. Is he already being trained into the sort of dumb obedience that Gilmore girls demand?

At the end of the fight, Lorelai looks miserable and thoughtful. She must surely be realising she is not ready for marriage, and wondering what to do.

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