Max’s Breakfast Indecision

When Max joins Lorelai and Rory in the diner for breakfast, they immediately demand blueberry pancakes, while Max needs more time to think. The Gilmore girls delay their orders as well, and Luke takes this opportunity to unnecessarily make the whole exercise as stressful as possible, by threatening to “run out of pancakes”, and be “unable to make any more”, even though there is still an hour before breakfast is no longer served.

When Max orders poached eggs, Lorelai and Rory quickly ask if they can still have pancakes, to which Luke smugly says he already put their orders aside – something he earlier claimed was impossible as it was first come, first served.

It’s clear that Luke is going to act like a massive jerk if Lorelai remains with Max, and as this jeopardises her access to food and coffee (since obviously she can’t make her own food and drinks like any ordinary person), this will be a major problem if they get married, and live in Stars Hollow.

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