[Lorelai and Rory are walking past a dormitory.]
LORELAI: This is a dorm? Not bad, huh?
RORY: Pretty, actually.
LORELAI: Come on, let’s see what it looks like on the inside.
RORY: It says “Residents Only” in plain English.

Harvard University has seventeen dormitories for freshmen students in Harvard Yard. While some can be by no standards called “pretty”, a few of the older dormitories do have a certain charm to them. The dormitory may be intended to represent Wigglesworth Hall, which is near the Widener Library. Constructed in 1931, its past residents include Leonard Bernstein, Bill Gates, Ted Kennedy, and indie pop singer Naomi Yang.

It is of course almost inevitable that the Gilmore girls will decide that they are above the rules, and free to trespass wherever they so choose. They even go into someone’s room and take photos – despite photos of dorm rooms being available on the Harvard website.

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