Lorelai Asks Luke for Business Advice

The purpose of the road trip to Harvard was to allow Rory to see something of college life, and see herself as a future college student. For Lorelai, the purpose of the trip was to stay at a working B&B – and even though she didn’t like it, it was a successful concern with happy customers. She can begin to see herself running an inn, and from this moment forth, begins seeking out Luke as a business mentor.

Her dream of running her own inn begins to firm into a reality, and when she leaves Luke’s, she immediately phones Sookie to let her know it’s time they started seriously working towards their goal.

One thought on “Lorelai Asks Luke for Business Advice

  1. This is an amazing project. I am truly impressed by the amount of thought and effort you are putting into this. I’ve watched this show countless times, but still discover new tidbits that escaped my attention, so this site is perfect. Thank you for doing this!
    P.S. I love your little critiques of the Gilmore girls and the inconsistencies in the plot! I grind my teeth so often at the details in this show, it’s like the writers put an episode out and then immediately forget its whole content.


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