“Hooked on phonics”

JESS: [looking at bookshelf] Wow, aren’t we hooked on phonics.

Hooked on Phonics is a brand of educational materials. First marketed in 1987, it was originally designed to teach reading through a system of phonetics.

Jess could have just said, “You must like reading”, or, “It’s great to meet someone else who’s into good literature”. But instead he makes a snarky, superior-sounding comment.

Hey, a snarky quip using a slightly out-of-date cultural reference that implies he’s smarter and better than most people? He sounds just like Lorelai! (It’s almost like the same people are writing their dialogue). Naturally this resonates with Rory. She just met her mother in teenage boy form, and will doubtless find him irresistible. See the entry on Freud.

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