Girl From Mars

This 1996 song by Northern Irish pop-rock band Ash plays at the end of the final scene, as Jess walks away from Rory. It was written by the band’s main lyricist, Tim Wheeler, when he was sixteen, and was performed on British music show Top of the Pops just two weeks after their final school exams. From their debut album 1977, it was the band’s first Top 40 single, going to #11 in the UK and #16 in Ireland.

The song is about a girl the narrator had an intense experience with one night playing cards, and has been unable to get out of his system, with the repeated lines: I still dream of you/I still love you, girl from Mars.

Just in case there are any doubts as to how Jess thinks of Rory!

3 thoughts on “Girl From Mars

  1. Hi annotated Gilmore girls,

    I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the fact you started to post again! Love your facts and background information. Makes me wanna start all over with the show!

    Best, Marco

    Von meinem iPhone gesendet


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