“Glittery glove and a really freaky face”

LORELAI: So how’s it going?
RORY: Actually, I’m not very good [at dancing].
DEAN: Yeah, which is really holding me back, because I’m a natural.
LORELAI: Well, maybe you just need a glittery glove and a really freaky face.

A reference to pop singer Michael Jackson (1958-2009), known for being an extraordinary dancer.

He famously wore a “glitter glove” on one hand for the first time he did the “Moonwalk” while performing Billie Jean in 1983. This leather glove studded with diamantes became an iconic look for him.

Jackson was also known for the amount of cosmetic surgery he had on his face – perhaps as many as ten operations by the early 1990s on his nose, cheekbones, chin, forehead, and lips. Over time, his face became more and more unrecognisable.

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