“I’m working for this firm”

CHRISTOPHER: I’m working for this firm that helps those overblown tech companies scale back and stay afloat now that they’re facing leaner times.

Christopher is still working in the technology industry after his failed internet start-up, and once again it seems as if his job is something quite sketchy and fly-by-night. A shadowy industry based on helping those who soared too high and are now in danger of failing, and an occupation that doesn’t have a name or description – there’s nothing solid to Christopher’s work life, even when he manages to find and commit to a job.

Christopher says he’s been trying to figure out what he wants in life for the past ten years, so only since he was 23, and has had a string of failed business ventures. It’s in sharp contrast to Lorelai, who began working in her teens, and has remained with the same business, gradually climbing the ladder until she became the executive manager.

Christopher’s only conclusion that he shares with Lorelai is that he doesn’t want his parents’ life, which is a very nebulous, and negative, ambition. He doesn’t have a solid occupation, employment history, or life goal. There’s something so barely there about Christopher, all smoke and mirrors and shifting sands.

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