Know Your Onion!

This is the song which Rory listens to while she reads in the dining hall at lunchtime.

Know Your Onion! is a 2002 single by American indie rock band The Shins, a release from their critically-acclaimed 2001 debut album, Oh, Inverted World.

The lyrics are from the perspective of a suitably angry and frustrated loner who’s been shut out of a society they can see through with devastating clarity – a comment on the theme of this episode. It suggests Rory isn’t as content with her lonely position at Chilton as she might appear.

These lines seem especially pertinent:

The songs that I heard
The occasional book
Were the only fun I ever took
And I got on with making myself

Rory spends her lunchtime reading and listening to music because it’s her only authentic choice for doing something she enjoys.

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