The Booster Club Meeting

Lorelai attends a meeting of the Booster Club, held in the dining hall at Chilton on Saturday (?) evening. The other members are Ava, Mena, Aubrey, Ginger, and a nameless, voiceless fifth woman with long dark hair.

You can see the Booster Cub serves as a grown-up parallel to the Puffs, with Mena in charge, like Francie, but Ava doing most of the talking, like Ivy. Lorelai and Rory even meet with their respective groups in the same dining hall.

The Booster Club are planning their annual fall fundraiser – this year they are raising funds to have the school’s auditorium refurbished. Their last fall fundraiser was a terrible failure: they had a luncheon with a silent auction and a salsa band, but everyone was struck down with food poisoning before the auction even had a chance to start, so they lost money.

I can’t imagine which catering company they found that gave them all food poisoning, or why it didn’t immediately refund their money! However, it means Lorelai is able to step in to save the day, as she manages an inn where the fundraiser can be held, and has a chef who won’t give them food poisoning. As a result, Lorelai ends up being quite popular with the Booster Club.

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