Rory Confronts Jess

RORY: And now Luke’s a pariah and it’s all because of you! What a shock, you don’t care about any of this.
JESS: I didn’t say that.
RORY: Go. I’m tired of talking to you.

The day after the town meeting which seems to have arranged specifically for everyone to dump on Jess, Rory talks to Jess about it. But instead of expressing sympathy for how unfairly the town has treated Jess, she attacks Jess for making Luke’s life more difficult.

Jess does seem to listen to her, but appears mostly interested in whether Rory was secretly amused by his pranks. If his plan was to get attention, then it worked spectacularly. The town had a meeting about him, and Rory has been forced to take notice of his behaviour. His plan is working!

Rory’s advice to Jess is basically the same as Lorelai’s on the evening of the dinner party: he’s got a good thing going with Luke, and he shouldn’t mess it up. Somehow, Jess is far more receptive to hearing it from Rory.

Rory’s “Go. I’m tired of talking to you”, is pure Emily Gilmore. It’s the usual way she ends an argument with Lorelai.

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