Extended Family

As Lorelai begins calling relatives to find out if they sent her the ice cream maker, we learn a few names from the extended family. They are identified as aunts and uncles, which may be courtesy titles for any elderly distant relatives. Or they could be Richard’s aunts and uncles, the siblings of either Trix, or Richard’s father.

Aunt Bobbie. Aunt Bobbie is a traditional Bible-thumping Christian, by the sounds of it.

Aunt Clarissa. Turns out to have recently died. Aunt Bobbie seems to suggest a belief that Clarissa would have been hell-bound.

Aunt Bunny. Has also died.

Uncle Randolph. The older brother of Bunny. Lorelai doesn’t seem to think he has much longer to live.

The Pennsylvania Gilmores. A branch of the family in this state is next on Lorelai’s list. It sounds as if she is working her way through the Gilmore side of the family first.

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