“Juliet’s supposed to be chaste”

LOUISE: So now Brad can be Friar Tuck and I can be Juliet.
PARIS: Wrong … Juliet’s supposed to be chaste.

Paris ditches Louise (who wants the part of Juliet) in favour of Rory (who desperately doesn’t want the part). Her reasoning is that Juliet is meant to be chaste and pure, and Louise isn’t. Which is strange, because when you act, you literally pretend to be someone you’re not.

Perhaps Paris doesn’t believe Louise has enough acting talent to even pretend to be pure, but knowing Paris, she just loves the idea of forcing Rory into a part she doesn’t want where she has to interact with Tristan.

Amusingly, Madeline seems to think the “chastity” issue doesn’t disqualify her from being Juliet, and it’s only when she learns that Juliet has more than three lines that she gives up the idea. My head canon is that Madeline thought Paris said Juliet was supposed to be chased!

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