Miss Honesty

LORELAI: Listen to me. I know you are Miss Honesty. I have seen the banner in the closet. But this is the kind of honesty that will only make you feel less guilty, and it’s going to hurt Dean very much. It’s possibly going to screw up the really good thing you guys have going now. Do you want that?

Mm, is this the same Miss Honesty who’s been concealing multiple things from Mrs Kim for years, or the Miss Honesty who fraudulently ate Fran’s wedding cake samples? Let’s see how long it is before Miss Honesty steals a boat …

Lorelai is correct that telling Dean about Tristan would be an essentially selfish thing to do, designed to assuage Rory’s guilt while hurting Dean for no good reason (as she mentions multiple times, she and Dean were broken up when she and Tristan kissed, it’s not really any of his business).

The fact that Rory is seriously considering doing it might be blind panic, but almost sounds as if she could be subconsciously using this as a way to instigate another break-up, to get away from Dean and his controlling jealousy. (Based on later events, it probably wouldn’t have worked).

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