“Does she ever sleep?”

RORY: Paris wants the first issue back to be a double issue, so we have to prep over break and she says the news never sleeps.
LORELAI: What about Paris, does she ever sleep?
RORY: I think she periodically makes a whirring noise and then just shuts down.

Paris is an extremely hard-working, driven, and passionate editor of the school newspaper – and she doesn’t even want to be a journalist. It would be nice to see Rory show some of this enthusiasm for her chosen future profession. Without Paris, how much would Rory even care about the paper?

I think it’s meant to show us that Paris is an overly demanding lunatic with no life, while Rory is rational and relaxed about life-work balance. However, it just makes it seem as if Rory isn’t that interested, and is willing to let Paris set the pace for her.

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